BurntZilla is a union between two of the top food trucks in Orange County. Our cuisine is built on the Burnt Truck’s modern take on classic comfort foods and Dogzilla’s Asian inspired twist on the traditional American Hot Dog. At BurntZilla, you will find a bold variety of options in mini form that will make a big impact on your taste buds! We are committed to honest, scratch made food that will bring back the fondest memories of dining with your family and friends. So come on in and welcome to our kitchen.

Burnt. This wouldn’t be the first word you would think of when you walk into a restaurant. However the origin of this word has special meaning to our company and our Brand.

Growing up, I never considered myself a chef or even a food connoisseur. Growing up in a Vietnamese family, we always had a strong family bond that centered around the dining table. I never thought that helping my mother and father in the kitchen would one day lead me down the path to a culinary career. It was not until I moved away to college at UCLA that I would have to cook for myself on a daily basis. With a limited repertoire of recipes that I knew how to cook, I had to lean on one of the few American dishes I knew how to make – Spaghetti. I would live on a diet of spaghetti 4 times a week! After months and months of repetition, I mastered my spaghetti recipe down to a science. I would cook the noodles and sauce in a sauté pan along with a heaping amount of mozzarella cheese. I would leave the noodles cooking in the pan until a crust formed on the bottom. Not understanding the importance of texture in cooking, I quickly learned that this just made the spaghetti taste that much better. My roommates and neighbors then made requests to join in my weekly spaghetti dinners; and everyone started talking about Paul’s “Burnt Spaghetti”. That was the first time I really felt the inkling to pursue something in the culinary field. I made a vow to myself that day. If I were to ever open a restaurant one day, it would be aptly named “Burnt”. –Chef Paul Cao

The Burnt Truck

Fast forward that thought to nearly a decade later. With a robust boom in the gourmet food truck movement, my life long friends and I decided to open The Burnt Truck, serving up delicious gourmet sliders. We used the slider form as a vehicle to introduce whimsical takes on classic dishes and sandwiches from our childhood. We use the freshest ingredients to make everything you eat in our sliders from scratch. We believe that this honest approach to cooking provides our guests with the best culinary experience.



Dogzilla is the culinary evolution of the classic American staple, the hot dog. Fused together with ingredients only imaginable to the adventurous palette, Dogzilla has become a favorite among the food truck crowd. The unexpected blend of flavors on top of a product of such familiarity is the unique culinary spin of Dogzilla. This flavor profile creates an entirely new taste experience for our guests. Classic American street food is taken to a whole new level by adding Yakisoba noodles, furikake seasoning, home made teriyaki sauce, bacon and avocado, and other non traditional toppings that you don’t normally encounter on the hot dog. Our guests enjoy a variety of flavors from sweet and savory to bold and spicy. These complicated flavors are then complimented with the toasty sweet flavor of the Kings Hawaiian bun. All of our combinations of flavors result in a treat that can best be described as “Not your typical weiner.”